Engineer Inspection of Slopes at Braemar Hill Mansion

Site Location : No. 15-43 Braemar Hill Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Client : The Incorporated Owners of Braemar Hill Mansion
Consultant : Troika Engineering Limited
Year of Completion : 2014
Background :
  • The Lot of the Braemar Hill Mansion contains 24 registered slope features which include 4 retaining walls, 3 fill or cut slopes with retaining walls, 10 fill slopes and 7 cut slopes.
  • There are also 11 rather small scale slope features which are unregistered in which 9 are soil or fill slopes and 2 are retaining walls.
  • As required by the Geotechnical Engineering Office, CEDD, the condition of the slope feature should be appraised by experienced and qualified registered geotechnical engineer who carries out an inspection to the feature and gives recommendation on necessary improvement works for their maintenance at 5-year intervals.

  • Troika's Works :
  • Geotechnical Engineer inspection of all slopes and retaining walls at site, including the registered and unregistered slopes and retaining walls within the Lot by a Registered Professional.
  • Determination of whether a Stability Assessment and / or other assessment of the slopes / retaining walls has previously been carried out by viewing available documentary information from relevant Government Department.
  • Identification of changes that have been taken place in the vicinity of the slopes and retaining walls.
  • Re-assessment of the consequence-to-life category of the slopes and retaining walls, as set out in the Geotechnical Manual for Slope and the latest version of the Table promulgated by the Geotechnical Engineering Office.
  • Check on whether Routine Maintenance Inspections have been carried out and documented satisfactory.
  • Assessment of the adequacy of routine maintenance works and supplementation of the list of basic maintenance works items, as necessary.
  • Assessment of the required frequency of Routine Maintenance Inspections, Engineer Inspections for Maintenance, and regular checks of buried water-carrying services.
  • Advice on the implications of problems that are not explicitly included in the basic maintenance list, and if necessary, recommendation on emergency repair works or detailed investigations.
  • Identification of the presence of buried water-carrying services on or in the vicinity of the slopes and retaining walls, checks for signs of leakage of the service and recommendation of immediate detailed leakage check, regular checks, repair, re-routing of the services, with cost estimates, as necessary.
  • Check on whether the slopes and retaining walls have any adverse structural implications to the nearby structure elements of building, including the boundary wall at ground floor visitor carpark (if applicable) and estimation of the cost of any necessary repair works in details.
  • Check on whether the regular checks of buried water-carrying service and / or regular Monitoring of Special Measures (if required) have been carried out and documented satisfactory.
  • Preparation of a record of Engineer inspection for Maintenance that includes advice on whether an immediate stability Assessment of the slope and retaining wall is necessary and recommendation on necessary preventive maintenance works.
  • Preparation of reinstatement proposals including all defects as found in the inspection together with preliminary cost estimation and preliminary programme of the whole reinstatement, maintenance and improvement works for the Employer's consideration if necessary.