A & A Works at China Resources Shops

Consultant : Troika Engineering Limited

Troika's Works :

Acting as the AP and RSE for:-

A & A Works at Various China Resources Supermarkets and Shops:
  • Fresh Provision Shop License Application
  • Food Factory License Application
  • Rectification works for UBW
  • Demolition and construction of partition wall/slab between shops
  • Construction of internal staircase
  • Minor work submission
  • Professional advice

  • Erection of Signboard, Renovation of Facade and Demolition of Canopy on External Walls of Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Kowloon. Works included but not limited to:
  • Feasibility Study
  • AP/RSE services for facade renovation works
  • Provision of hoarding plan and demolition plan for existing canopy demolition
  • Structural checking of curtain wall, window, cladding and external advertising board
  • TCP supervision under AP/RSE streams