Redevelopment of KIL 2454 s.B & R.P., KIL 3056 and KIL 6365, and A & A Works at Pui Ching Middle School

Site Address : 80 Waterloo Road, Kowloon

Consultant : Troika Engineering Limited

Contractor : Chinney Construction Co. Limited

Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer and Registered Geotechnical Engineer :
Ir Ngai Hok Yan of Troika Engineering Limited

Year of Completion : 2014

(1). Demolition of the old school hall and construction of a 15 storey new building with 2 basement (Block AX).
(2). Construction of additional 2 storeys over existing 5 storey building (Block A).

Various Alteration & addition works at the Annex Building, covered playground at Levels +21.68 and +24.65 mPD, steel gate, carport, staircase, and balcony.

Troika's Works:
Providing Authorized Person, Registered Structural Engineer and Registered Geotechnical Engineer for building redevelopment works, various Alteration and Addition works and handling UBW BD Orders and DH Orders.

  • Review of all relevant and available as-built record plan retrieved from Buildings Department and Lands Department.
  • Preparation of structural appraisal reports.
  • Modification of plans and calculations for submission to Buildings Department.
  • Submission of plans and calculations to Buildings Department and negotiation with BD for their approval and consent.
  • Endorsement and submission of statutory Forms to Buildings Department.
  • Contract administration during construction.
  • Periodic engineer inspection and site safety supervision by TCPs under AP/RSE streams during construction.
  • Site inspection with representative of Buildings Department upon completion of work.
  • Submission of as-built record and application for Occupation Permit with Buildings Department.