Slope Stabilization / Improvement Works at Moorsom Lodge

Site Address : Moorsom Lodge, No. 4 Moorsom Road, Happy Valleg.

Owner : The I/O of No. 4 Moorsom Road

Consultant : Troika Engineering Limited

Authorized Person, Registered Structual Engineer and Registered Geotechnical Engineer : Ir Ngai Hok Yan

Contractor : Wah Sung Construction & Piling Limited

Year of Completion : 2014

Background :
  • The slope feature No. 11SE-C/CR130 situated in the Lot of No.4 Moorsom Road is a 69 meters long and maximum 10 meters high soil slope with average slope angle at 50 degree. At its toe is a 27 meters long and maximum 6.5 meters high concrete retaining wall with a face angle at 90 degree. The retaining wall has weepholes arranged at intervals with downpipes and drainage channels at its crest, berm and toe.
  • The Incorporated Owners of Moorsom Lodge is responsible for the maintenance of the slope.

    Troika's Works :

    Preliminary Design Stage:
  • Acting as Authorized Person, Registered Structual Engineer and Registered Geotechnical Engineer of the project.
  • Reviewing available documentary information of the adjoining buildings and the slope from the Geotechnical Engineering Office and the Buildings Department (BD) to determine whether a Stability Assessment and / or other assessment of the slopes / retaining walls has previously been carried out.
  • Carrying out detailed visual inspection to the slope including but not limited to identification of changes that have been taken place in the vicinity, re-assessment of the consequence-to-life category of the slope, check on whether routine maintenance inspections have been carried out and their adequacy and frequency and recommendation on emergency repair works or detailed investigations.
  • Preparing requirements and tender documents for detailed site investigation, ground investigation, topographical survey and drainage leakage survey and inviting tender on behalf of Client, preparing tender analysis and suggesting tender award for Client's consideration.
  • Based on the results from the investigation and surveys, preparing Geotechnical Report and suggesting necessary improvement works and immediate preventive measures with cost breakdown for Client's consideration.
  • Providing site supervision during the ground investigation field works.
  • Detailed Design and Contract Administration Stage:
  • Preparing detailed structural design and plan for slope stabilization / improvement works for submission to Buildings Department.
  • Handling all submission and negotiation with the relevant authorities to obtain the approval of design and consent of work.
  • Preparing tender document for proposed slope stabilization / improvement works, inviting tenders on behalf of Client and preparing tender analysis and recommendation for Client's consideration.
  • Providing contract administration during construction including certification of work and payment.
  • Providing T3 and T5 site supervision during slope stabilization / improvement works.
  • After completion of all site works, preparing Slope Maintenance Manual for Client and Slope Registration to the Geotechnical Engineering Department.
  • Checking the work and preparing List of Defects upon completion.