A & A Works at Hong Kong International Airport

Site Location : Hong Kong International Airport
Consultant : Troika Engineering Limited

Project : Jet Blast Screen of Western Apron Expansion Works
Contractor : UDL Argos Engineering & Heavy Industries Ltd

Troika's works :
Carried out the responsibility of Authorized Person (AP), Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) and Registered Geotechnical Engineer (RGE) for obtaining approval for the design and construction of the jet blast screens including foundations as required under the Hong Kong Building Ordinance and also to the statutory duty during the design and construction of the works according to Clause 130.1.3 of the General Materials & Workmanship Specification (GMWS)(Annex A).

Carried out Technically Competent Person (TCP) site supervision under the AP and RSE streams during the construction.

Certified the design of the jet blast screen as an Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) in accordance with Clause 3.3 of the Particular Specification of the main contract.

Project : Lifting Facilities for Sewage Pumping Station
Contractor : Wing Hing Construction Co Ltd
Background :
The increasingly importance of Sewage Pumping Stations Nos. 4, 7 and 8 necessitated the installation of permanent lifting facilities at these Sewage Pumping Stations to speed up the repair and shorten the down time.

Troika's works :
Provided the services of AP, RSE and RGE for the design and obtaining of BD's approval and consent of the construction of:-

1. lifting facilities complete with monorails, structural support frames, concrete plinths and associated structures to facilitate the lifting and maintenance of the submersible pumps, penstocks, pipeworks and accessories installed inside the pump wells of the Sewage Pumping Station Nos. 4, 7 and 8;
2. lightning protection system;
3. lifting system complete with 2 sets of outdoor floodlights (for each of Sewage PumpingStation), mounting brackets, lamp control gear, one gang single pole on/off switch and electrical accessories installed inside the pump well;
4. LV power supply cabling, cable containments, earthing system and electrical accessories;
5. all associated civil works including earthworks and reinstatement works;
6. diversion of existing facilities and setting up of temporary works to facilitate the Works; and
7. all interfacing works with the existing facilities.

More services carried out by Troika :
  • Provided design calculation of false work and work platform for the fixed link bridge construction at Frontal Stand E15 with RSE endorsement and ICE certification of completion of work.
  • Provided AP/RSE/RGE services for new signs and existing signs on steel gantries across Airport Road.
  • Provided structural design of the glazing of the covered walkway at Carpark No. 1 with RSE endorsement.
  • Certified the design of pedestrian canopy to pre-booked taxi-staging area in Car Park No. 3 as an ICE.
  • Provided AP service for enhancement works for the limousine lounge.