Training of Ng Tung River
Site Address : River Indus, Sheung Shui, N.T.
Contractor : Sun Fook Kong (Civil) Limited
Sub-consultant : Troika Engineering Limited
Year of Completion : 2006

Background :
  • Ng Tung River (also known as River Indus) is a river in the northeast New Territories, Hong Kong. Tributaries of the river include Tan Shan River and Kwan Tei River. It collects other major rivers like Shek Sheung River and Sheung Yue River in Sheung Shui, and finally empties into Shenzhen River.
  • Because of the short length of the tributaries and steep upper section of the river, the high flood peak was often formed within a short period of time, and the flood water level rose and dropped sharply. Flood damage had often occurred to both sides of the river.
  • Due to rapid development in the vicinity, the deficiency of the river capacity to combat flood caused serious concern.
  • Extensive flood prevention measures were to carry out to alter the original course of the river by lining it with concrete or stones and by straightening and widening the channels to form artificial nullahs.

  • Troika's Works :
    (1). Independent Checking Engineer services to check work design / provide Design Checking Certificates and/or Completion Certification for items including but not limited to:-
  • -Sheetpile for Pile Cap, Box Culvert and Abutment
  • -Alternative Design of River Embankment and Channel Embankment
  • -Erection of Steel Pipe Bridge
  • -Supplementary Seepage Analysis for Alternative Design of Channel Embankment
  • -FalseWork for Bridge
  • -Pile Cap Design of Abutment
  • -Supporting System for Propping Beam of Bridge
  • -Replacement of Embankment Fill by General Fill for Embankment without Outer Slope
  • -Steel Struss Design for Footbridge
  • -Remedial Proposal for Defective Piles of Abutment
  • -Hydraulic Checking for Construction of Box Culvert
  • -Backwater Profile with existing Pier of Bridge
  • -Temporary Access Across existing River
  • -Temporary Hanging System
  • -Temporary River Diversion
  • -Temporary Sheet Pile for Construction of Water Intake Station and Thrust Block
  • -Temporary Shoring System for Existing Utilities
  • -Temporary Steel Tie Beam system
  • -Temporary Traffic Decking at Bridge
  • -Revision of Heavy Duty Supporting Points
  • -Revision of Base Slab Dimension of Retaining Wall
  • -Formworks of North Abutment Wall, Retaining Wall, Bridge Deck, Bridge Column, Pier, Box Culvert, Footbridge and Bridge
  • -Central Pier of Pipe Bridge
  • (2).Revision of Piling Acceptance Criteria.
    (3).Witness of Piling.
    (4).Carrying out site inspection.